Want an Admission?

An Academic session for RHPS begins in April and runs till March of the next year. Admissions are taken for all the classes – from LKG to Grade 7, irrespective of class, caste, race, religion, or gender. However, for effective learning and development, we recommend getting the child enrolled in kindergarten or junior classes. Admission to higher classes would be taken depending on the seat availability for those classes.
Admissions for this academic year have been closed. Admissions for an academic year usually start from Mid-January. Here is the brief process that we follow for the admissions

  • Application Form distribution – Usually from December – January
  • Submission of completed Admission form – January
  • Interaction with prospective Students & their parents – by Mid February
  • Completion of admission Formalities
  • Admission closes for the academic year – March End
  • Classes begin for the academic year – April first week