Vision and mission

To provide top quality and affordable K-12 education to rural districts of India

Rise High Public School was established in 2014, with a vision to provide world-class education at a very affordable cost to students of rural districts of India.


To be in the top 25 schools of India by 2030, Measured by:

  • Successful academic results of class X and XII
  • Performance in competitive exams like NTSE, Olympiads, Engineering and Medical entrances
  • Performance in sports, arts, and music

Our Guiding Principle

  • Every child is unique and education should recognize, cultivate and nurture the unique requirements of every child.
  • Education must be joyful and interesting. Students must want to come to school.
  • The school must provide a secure and friendly environment for the students. Students and teachers should be trusted and empowered to do the right things.
  • Education must address thinking, questioning, decision making, respect for diversity, building perspective, effective communication, and remove fear, prejudice and intolerance.
  • Ethics and Love, Compassion and Brotherhood, Creating Purpose, and finding the passion to pursue it, are part of Education.
  • The parent is the first teacher, and the community influences the child as much as the school. Both parents and the community are key stakeholders in education.
  • Education must include sports, culture, arts, and awareness of the world around. We should address the Head, the Hands, and the Heart while educating – not just the head.
  • We value simplicity over perfection if simplicity helps that learning

How will we do it

  • Nurture faculty: We nurture teachers with a passion to make a difference, who can inspire to learn, those who focus on building curiosity, those who break barriers and be one with students, learning together, radiating enthusiasm, with empathy, and focus on how students learn.
  • Learning from Peers: We provide an en environment that allows the students as well as the teachers to learn from their peers. We conduct various workshops and competitions for students across schools in the district/state to allow them to learn from their peers as well as to benchmark them against them.
  • Learning Outcome and Monitoring: We have various processes in place to assess and monitor the performance of teachers as well as the students.
  • Inspiring environment: Students and teachers
  • Learn from other organizations reputed for their point of view and specific practices in education. We are closely engaged with several organizations such as Reap Benefit, Vidya Kshetra etc that follow non-traditional education practices