Primary classes (Grade 1 to 4)

Programs for these classes are designed to build a very strong foundation in various disciplines such as Mathematics, English, Life Sciences, Social science, environmental science, and Computer science.

A lot of activities are designed and planned for each lesson in these subjects carefully so that children can learn by doing. Activities are coordinated across different subjects so that a concept can be understood well through a variety of examples and experiments. This makes the learning process really enjoyable.

Children from Grade 1 onwards are also introduced to the reading programs where they can pick a book of their choice from the library and read. From Grade 2 onwards, children would be able to read the books fluently.

Children from Grade 2 onwards are introduced to computers and they get to do hands-on activities on tools like MS-paint, Word in the Computer lab. They also watch relevant videos from carefully curated video content available in the computer lab


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4