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Olympiad Results 2018-19

Our success with Olympiad continues this year as well.

SOF Science Olympiad

A huge accomplishment by students this year in the Science Olympiad. In the first round,

  • Overall 16 students were in the top 5% and qualified for round 2.
  • Out of the 20 students of grade 6, who participated, 7 were in the Top 25 rank in the zone and got medals of distinction
  • 1 class 6 student topped Bihar zone and got 10th national rank
  • 1 Grade 7 student was in the top 25 in state and got a medal of distinction

In the second round, 5 students were in the top 50 in Bihar

SOF National Cyber Olympiad

Out of 9 students, who participated in this, 2 secured Top 10 rank in the state. Atahar of class 6, got national rank 27 and zonal rank 5. Ruby of class 8, got the zonal rank of 8.

SOF Maths Olympiad

Overall 6 students qualified for round 2 by coming in the top 5%. In the second round, 2 of them made it into the Top 50 rank in Bihar – Ankit from grade 6 secured zonal rank 18, and Karan from grade 4 secured zonal rank of 46.

English Olympiad

4 students qualified for the 2nd round by coming in the top 5%. In the second round, Karan from Grade 4 secured the 38th rank in the state.

Olympiad Results 2017-18

This year was by far the best in terms of Olympiad results. 11 of our students had qualified for Science olympiad 9 for Maths and 4 for English. For qualifying in SOF 2nd level Olympiad, one has to be in the top 5% in SOF 1st Level Olympiad. All these students had gone to Gaya, taking a journey of 2 hours, starting at 5 am for this second level exam. Notwithstanding this tough journey, they performed extremely well bagging 12 top 50 and 3 top 25 Zonal Ranks(Zonal Excellence Certificate).


11 of our students qualified for the 2nd round(Top 5%) from class 3 to class 7. Out of these, 9 were in the top 100 in the state. Subhash did exceptionally well to secure the National top 10 ranks, and zonal rank 2. In the second round, 8 out of these 11 bagged Top 50 zonal rank. Here are the toppers

  1. Karan – Class 3 – ZR 36
  2. Atharva – Class 4: ZR 28
  3. Subhash Class 5 – ZR 34
  4. Ankit – Class 5 – ZR 43
  5. Atahar – Class 5 – ZR 17
  6. Nikhil – Class 6 – ZR 13
  7. Ashhar – Class 6 – ZR 28
  8. Amitesh – Class 7 – ZR 23

SOF International Maths Olympiad.

9 of our students qualified for the 2nd round(Top 5%) from class 3 to class 7, bettering 7 in the last session. We continued to bag the top 100 Zonal Ranks in IMO – 3 this year. Subhash of class 5 had the best performance with zonal rank 46 followed by Gautam Raj of class 4 getting the zonal rank of 66.

In the second round, out of these 9, 2 bagged the Top 50 zonal rank. Ankit (Class 5) secured ZR-32 whereas Suhana (Class 6) bagged ZR-48


Four of our students had qualified for the 2nd round being in the top 5% with Subhash bagging ZR 21. In the second round, out of these four, two bagged the Top 50 zonal rank. Subhash (Class 5) secured ZR 31 whereas Pushpanjali (Class 7) bagged ZR 49


Two of our students got top 25 zonal ranks and medals of excellence. Athar(ZR 16) class 5 and Suhana(ZR 23) Class 6 aced NCO. This time NCO had only one level and we are glad to again have two of our students in the top 25.

Olympiad Results 2017

Once again, a great performance of kids in various Olympiads conducted by SOF this year.

In National Science Olympiad (NSO), we had a huge success in Round 1.

Class 3 – Ishant and Sujal secured a Zonal Rank of 10 and 44 respectively.
Class 4 – Subhash topped the state and secured a National Rank 6Athar and Rudra secured a State Rank of 26 and 29 respectively.
Class 5 – Nikhil, Subham, Suhana, Arbaaz, and Ravishma secured state ranks 21, 47, 49, 66, and 90 respectively.
Class 6 – Anjali and Aditya secured state ranks of and 12 respectively

In Round 2, Atahar secured a national rank of 15and was awarded a medal of excellence.

In National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)Atahar of class 4 and Anjali of class 6 qualified for the second round with Atahar securing a zonal rank of 9. In the 2nd roundAtahar topped the Bihar zone and Anjali secured the 25th national rank.

In International English Olympiad (IEO)Subhash of class 4 secured 11th Zonal rank and medal for excellence.

In International Maths Olympiad (IMO)Subhash of class 4 secured 10th zonal rank and International Rank 45Karan of class 2, secured a zonal rank of 14 and an International Rank of 136

In International Sports Knowledge Olympiad(ISKO), Ruby from class 6, secured a zonal rank of 23

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